Power flushing

KD Construction provides a professional power flushing service throughout Telford, Shrewsbury, Shropshire and across the West Midlands.

A power flush can improve the performance of your heating system, helping the circulation and flow of water so that your heating can warm up more quickly, and fixing radiators that are completely or partially cold.

Modern boilers have very compact heat exchanges with narrow waterways that makes them more susceptible to sludge and debris in the water, so a power fish can help to maintain the performance of your boiler.

The power flush is a cleansing procedure that removes sludge that builds up in your heating system, creating blockages that stop it working effectively. Once the system has been cleaned, a chemical is added to stop slush reforming in your system. Once the flush is complete it will restore circulation and make your heating system more efficient.

To perform a power flush, we connect a pump that pushes water at high pressure through your heating system to loosen and remove sludge and debris. Radiators are flushed individually without needing to be disconnected from your system.

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