What to expect from a gas service

It’s essential to have regular, expert checks of your boiler and gas appliances to ensure they are working efficiently, to head off any bigger problems that could cost much more money, and to remove any risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Legally, only a Gas Safe registered engineer is allowed to work on your boiler and gas appliances, so ensure the person you employ has the necessary qualifications.

It is a good idea to have your boiler serviced annually, and manufacturers will demand this to maintain the warranty of newly installed boilers. However, if you notice any of the following warning signs, you should get your appliance serviced right away:

  • The gas appliance is not working properly
  • The appliance is burning with a lazy yellow flame rather than a crisp blue one
  • There are black marks or stains around the gas appliance
  • The pilot light keeps going out
  • There is increased condensation in the room

When you employ a Gas Safe registered engineer to service your boiler or appliance, they will check the following:

  • Check and adjust your appliance to ensure the gas is burning correctly
  • It is suitably located
  • It is stable, secure and properly connected to the gas pipework
  • There is a suitable air supply to the appliance
  • Flues or chimneys are operating correctly
  • All safety devices are working
  • Complete specific checks and cleaning as specified in the manufacturer’s instructions

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